Company Profile

PT. Awindo International operating since 2009, located nearby Jakarta main port, Tanjung Priok Port and have about 20 staff working in the office and 150 workers in the processing plant and currently by far the largest processor and exporter of Frozen fish products such as Swordfish, Oilfish, Tuna, Marlin, and Albacore in Jakarta, Indonesia, . In a year we export to more than 50 countries & territories around the world.


PT. Awindo International possesses state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to ensure good quality of the products and meet customers' requirements.

PT. Awindo International premises host an office building, one processing plant, and three cold storages with a capacity of about 375 MT at -25oC. Our plant is equipped with band-saw machines, 3 airblast quick freezers, CO room, a chiller room, a canteen and a workers' restroom. PT. Awindo International is able to process about 50MT of raw materials, yielding an approximate 20MT of semi-products each day


PT. Awindo International has successfully built good reputation in both international and local business areas. To that aim, we have completed establishing and implementing various food safety management systems. Below are the key milestones:

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Mr. Madong Rafael Nadeak
Skype: madong.rafael
Office: +62 21 29625974 Ext: 201
Mr. Rustian
Skype: live:rustian.ang
Office: +62 21 29625974 ext. 100
Mr. Hanson Lee
Office: +62 21 29625974 ext. 202
Mr. Guntur Aman Sidabalok
Office: +62 21 29625974 ext. 202